Extensions to a Commercial Unit


Do & Co Event Airline Catering Ltd


GMTW Architects

Local Authority

London Borough of Hounslow

Extensions and Internal Works to an Airline Catering Production Unit.

This site lies immediately south of Heathrow Terminal 4. The project has been carried out in three stages:

Firstly, the conversion of a new storage unit into a secure bonded warehouse for cigarettes, alcohol and other bonded goods.

Secondly, the construction of a 2-storey rear extension to the food preparation facility to increase its capacity and create a separate halal section.

Thirdly, the erection of a two-storey front extension and external cladding to refurbish the building whilst also providing enhanced staff facilities and administrative offices for Do & Co.

A fourth phase is now under way – the enlargement of the rear extension and the formation of an improved access for the specialist delivery vehicles. 







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