Parkland and AONB Office Development


The Clinton Devon Estates


Lacey Hickie Caley

Local Authority

East Devon District Council

Bell Cornwell assisted the Clinton Devon Estates in their desire to create a sustainable and contemporary new Estate Management Centre within the heart of their estate holdings. The site chosen was not only within the Grade I Bicton Gardens Parkland but also within the nationally important countryside of the East Devon AONB, preserved for its special beauty.

Despite the historic landscape setting, Bell Cornwell along with the design team at Lacey Hickie Caley, was able to show that the effects on the nationally important countryside and parkland would be beneficial to the area.

Following discussions with the stakeholders for the project a scheme was devised which has allowed the desires of the Clinton Devon Estates and the needs of landscape conservation to go forward together. Many sustainable development ideas have been incorporated into the scheme including a green sedum roof, a wood chip boiler and locally sourced building materials.

Bell Cornwell also assisted with planning approval for the old offices at East Budleigh to revert to residential use.

Photographs courtesy of Graham Gaunt Photowork

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