House Extension Planning Permission

If you are considering a house extension, planning permission may be required from your local authority. This can be a difficult process, with your chances of success relying on the clarity of your justification and the feasibility of your project when assessed against the relevant planning policies.

Any proposal for house extensions is subject to neighbour consultation. Ensuring an acceptable relationship with neighbouring properties, therefore, requires careful consideration in the preparation of your application.

This process can be daunting to pursue alone and benefits greatly from the support of expert consultants. Our professionals at Bell Cornwell have years of specialist experience in obtaining planning permission for house extensions, making the difference in your application – and improving your chances of success.

A complicated process made easy.

Seeking planning permission for house extensions is complex by its nature. There are many factors that need to be taken into account, including the size, location, use of rooms and location of windows..

This makes creating a suitable justification for your application a difficult task. The support of our specialists here ensures that the wording is clear, appropriate and likely to be accepted by your Council Planning Officer.

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We believe that the support of a Bell Cornwell specialist during your planning application for a house extension is invaluable. To contact a member of one of our several offices today, please visit our contact page. Our teams are ready to assist you and to improve your chances of a favourable outcome.


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