Buckinghamshire Council Unitary Authority

15th April 2020

On the 1st April a new unitary council for Buckinghamshire was formally established, bringing together the services of:

  • Aylesbury Vale District Council;
  • Buckinghamshire County Council;
  • Chiltern District Council;
  • South Bucks District Council; and
  • Wycombe District Council.

A Shadow Authority was established, tasked with delivering the new Buckinghamshire Council. Made up from 202 existing Councillors, the immediate actions were to set a budget for the new Council and appoint members to committees.

No-one would have expected that the new Council would have to deal with such an unprecedented set of circumstances and impacts caused by Covid 19 at the time of its launch, the first of which being the postponement of the 2020 elections until the 6th May 2021. At the time of the launch, leader Martin Tett noted that:

“Whilst the current emergency has meant we have had to reduce or even stop some of our services we continue to work hard supporting our residents especially the vulnerable and where necessary keeping essential services like our waste and recycling collections going.”

Currently, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, planning and building control officers are working remotely. The new Council is utilising existing on-line systems with general enquiries having been split into the Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe planning areas. The services continue to be located in the existing council offices in the county’s main towns.

Five area planning committees have been created for the new Buckinghamshire Council comprising of East Buckinghamshire, South Buckinghamshire, North Buckinghamshire, West Buckinghamshire and Central Buckinghamshire as well as a Strategic Sites Committee. Currently dates have been set for the first meetings for each of the Planning Committees, replacing those associated with the previous individual local authorities. These are due to take place on 2nd, 9th, 10th, 23rd, 25th and 11th of June respectively. Interim planning committees scheduled until these dates have currently been cancelled, other than the interim Wycombe Area Planning Committee on the 6th May.

As to whether these new committee meetings will need to and be able to take place virtually is yet to be confirmed, but with all interim planning committees currently on hold, they are likely to be used to deal with a backlog of applications as a result of the current Coronavirus crisis.

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Jamie Wallace, Associate

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