The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan Progress Update

16th July 2020

The next stage of public consultation on the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) is due to begin in early September when a full draft of the document will be available for comment.

Long awaited, the draft Plan will obviously be critical in setting the strategic direction and level of development of all types in Exeter, Teignbridge, Mid Devon and East Devon for the period up to 2040. It seeks to provide a framework for the delivery of housing, employment and infrastructure. A particular feature of the draft Plan is its environmental ambitions, which seek not only to keep the environmental impacts of growth to a minimum but which sets a very high bar for securing zero carbon development and for putting in place measures to counter climate change.

A preview of the GESP confirms that it intends to deliver substantial extra growth including 35,000 extra jobs and 53,000 additional homes. Whilst the Plan does not confirm the locations for this expansion at this stage, it does identify a range of likely options to be considered further and gives a clear indication of the proposed approach. Needless to say, the Plan offers plenty of development opportunities and will be of direct relevance to anyone with property interests in the Exeter area.

Prior to the public consultation, the draft Plan will be presented to each of the constituent authorities for agreement. Given the differing political complexions, it will be interesting to see how the politicians react to their officer’s recommendations and whether, as seems possible, this leads to further delay in the process.

It is also useful to note that alongside the draft Plan, a further ‘call for sites’ will be made, and it will therefore be possible to submit (or re-submit) sites for identification within the Plan.

If you would like to know more about the GESP and options available for development across the region, please get in touch with the Exeter team.| 01392 539720

Iestyn John, Partner

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