Interview with Principal Planner, Kristina Wall

26th February 2019

It’s great to have you back after a year! You must have noticed a few changes in the planning system since you went on maternity leave?

It’s great to be back!

The planning industry never stands still which is one of the aspects that makes it so interesting, but the main change results from the release of the much-awaited update to the NPPF. Whilst the thrust and purpose of policy remain consistent the new NPPF opens up new opportunities for a number of our clients, and I am looking forward to helping them navigate the planning system in the coming months.

How has it been settling back into work?

Whilst I really enjoyed the last year learning how to be a mother, I was ready to come back to work and am really enjoying getting back up to speed and helping to deliver some good developments. There have been a number of changes at Bell Cornwell in the time I have been away, not least the move to our new office and some great new staff additions, but all at Bell Cornwell have kept me really well updated and it feels as if I have hardly been away!

You’ve always dealt with a wide range of planning work, do you see your scope of work continuing this way?

Definitely! Bell Cornwell always has a wide range of projects to work on due to its large client base. It is the variety of work that keeps me so interested in planning, it continues to challenge me to be a better planner I am looking forward to reconnecting with some old contacts and making new ones moving forward.

There is some uncertainty in the property sector at the moment, what kind of advice would you give to anyone that has concerns regarding a new development of any kind?

Each case is different, and it is the time to make sensible financial decisions, but the challenges facing the industry have not changed, there remains a housing crisis, and a good site will always be a good site. Providing the necessary due diligence has been carried out and this points to a positive planning position, now is a great time to cement a planning consent. The staff at Bell Cornwell have a wide breadth of knowledge so it is likely that someone within the team will be able to safely guide you through the planning process.

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