Planning for Good Growth – The Draft London Plan

29th November 2017

Today (29th November) the Mayor of London has released the draft London Plan for consultation (which closes on Friday 2 March 2018).

The Mayor’s Foreword states that the “new London Plan marks a break with previous London Plans, represents a step-change in our approach and serves as a blueprint for the future development and sustainable, inclusive growth of our city”.

The draft London Plan introduced the concept of ‘Good Growth’, which is growth that is socially and economically inclusive and environmentally sustainable.  Chapter 1 of the draft London Plan sets out the six core ‘Good Growth Policies’, which are:

  • Building strong and inclusive communities
  • Making the best use of land
  • Creating a healthy city
  • Delivering the homes Londoners needs
  • Growing a good economy
  • Increasing efficiency and resilience

Chapter 2 sets out the plan’s overall spatial development pattern for London, focusing on growth strategies for specific places in London and how they connect with the wider South East.

Chapters 3-12 cover topic-based polices and implementation including, design, housing, social infrastructure, economy, heritage and culture, green infrastructure and natural environment, sustainable infrastructure, transport.

At this time, the Mayor is not seeking to relax policies on the Green Belt or Metropolitan Open Land and will continue to protect these areas and the internal space standards (Table 3.1) remain largely unchanged.  Draft policy SI12 suggests that ‘major development should be net zero carbon’, which is just one of the ways the Mayor is challenging London to become zero-carbon by 2050.  The Mayor has also suggested that London Borough’s establish policies to address the ‘negative impacts of basement development’ (D9).

The draft London Plan aims to help London through a significant ‘wave of growth’, where the population of London is expected to increase by 70,000 per annum, reaching 10.5 million by 2041!

As a result, London will need at least 66,000 new homes per annum and the creation of thousands of jobs, just to meet demand.  This equates to roughly doubling the current rate of homebuilding in the Capital and will be done so alongside the Mayor’s strategic target for half of new homes to be genuinely affordable.

The new London Plan will replace all previous versions of the London Plan when it is adopted (Autumn 2019).  A copy of the draft London Plan can be found at the following at link:

Bell Cornwell LLP will be issuing its response to the draft to the Mayor of London in due course.

If you would like to find out more about the draft London Plan and how it may affect you, please contact our London team on 020 3960 1530.

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