Planning Inspectorate Changes to Enforcement and LDC Appeals Dec 17

8th December 2017

The Planning Inspectorate has published changes to the appeal procedures for enforcement and LDC appeals.

In summary, the essential information to be learnt is:

  • The new procedures will apply to all enforcement or LDC appeals submitted after 18th November.
  • Appeals submitted prior to that date may be held up while priority is given to those in the new system.
  • The aim is to appoint a suitably qualified inspector earlier in the process – i.e. by the start date.
  • However, the actual time taken to appoint an Inspector will be dependent on the appeal site location, the nature of the case and ‘other factors’.
  • The current PINS target timetable is:
Method of Appeal Receipt to Validation Validation to Start Start to Event Event to Decision Total Time
Written Representations 11 weeks 2 weeks 21 weeks 4 weeks 38 weeks = 9 months
Hearing 12 weeks 8 weeks 16 weeks 7 weeks 43 weeks = 10 months
Public Inquiry 12 weeks 5 weeks 40 weeks 10 weeks 67 weeks = 16 months
  • Paper copies of documents will be required in cases where there is a weight of evidence.
  • Appeals will only be considered ‘valid’ when all supporting documents have been received by PINS. This will include clarification by the Appellant of any discrepancies between grounds pleaded and the facts to support those grounds, and the resolution of any other known matters, such as those relating to the right to appeal.
  • A firm deadline will be set for payment of any Ground (a) fee (for the deemed planning application).

If you have any questions in regards to the recent changes please contact or call us on 01256 766673.

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