The Path Ahead for Biodiversity Net Gain

The UK government recently announced updated timelines for implementing mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) in England.

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This policy requirement will be a critical tool for meeting conservation goals while still enabling development to proceed.

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Author Geoff Megarity
Principal Planner
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Major highlights:

  1. Major developments must deliver 10% BNG starting January 2024 (previously November 2023)
  2. Smaller sites follow in April 2024
  3. Implementation for major infrastructure projects is slated for 2025
  4. BNG only applies to new planning applications validated after the start dates

By November, the government will publish guidance including:

  • The biodiversity metric for calculations
  • Templates for plans and habitat management
  • Comprehensive BNG advice for stakeholders
  • Over £15 million has already been committed to help local authorities prepare. Resources like “readiness checklists” are available.

Delivering BNG will take collaboration across sectors. With key dates now confirmed, there is finally clarity to guide planning and development.

The path ahead for achieving BNG is now clearer, with the government’s updated timelines and guidance. As a leading town planning consultancy, Bell Cornwell is well equipped to advise clients on successfully integrating BNG into projects of all sizes.


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Our experienced team can help you understand BNG requirements and work with the relevant specialist consultants to calculate the appropriate metrics and develop plans that benefit wildlife while enabling development. We can also liaise with local authorities to ensure smooth implementation.

With the expertise gained from decades of planning work, Bell Cornwell has the skills and insight needed to make BNG a win for both conservation and development. Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate to effectively deliver BNG to create benefits for nature, communities and sustainable growth.

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