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Giving heritage assets the consideration they deserve will help to avoid planning mishaps

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The protection of heritage assets such as listed buildings, conservation areas and scheduled ancient monuments, is an important part of the planning system.

The presence of heritage assets can directly influence the acceptability of development in terms of both the type and design of proposed uses. In many cases, there will be local organisations as well as statutory consultees, such as Historic England, that ensure new development does not harm such assets. Failure to properly consider possible implications will risk any prospect of securing a positive outcome.

We can undertake work to identify any heritage assets on or near your property (whether these be formally designated or not), consider how they could have a bearing on your proposals and highlight ways in which any impacts can be dealt with.

We prepare heritage impact assessments to accompany applications and ensure that any additional approvals which are required, such as listed building consent, are also applied for.  Where necessary, we can also undertake negotiations on heritage matters with the relevant stakeholders such as Historic England or local historic amenity groups.