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Engaging with your local plan can help you achieve your long-term development goals


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As an alternative to immediately applying for planning permission, it may be possible for you to have your land formally identified for development through the Council’s development plan review process.

Site promotion through the development plan process typically works best for proposals with medium or long-term strategies. Once the land is identified (or “allocated”), the principle of the use will have been accepted, making any subsequent planning permission much easier to secure. We can work alongside you to develop a bespoke planning strategy and give your proposals the best chance of success.

We carefully monitor the emergence of local plans and supporting evidence, which alter all the time, and engage in the promotion of development sites. We can advise at all stages of consultation to put you in the best position to achieve your objectives.

Whether you are a landowner, developer or have other interests in land, it is vital that you are actively involved in the development plan system at the earliest stage to ensure your interests are protected and your assets are promoted.