Unlocking the Potential of Paragraph 80 DwellingS

Designing Your Dream Home in the Countryside

In this post, we’ll explore the possibilities of Paragraph 80 dwellings , and how you can start to turn your dream into a reality while adhering to planning policies.

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Do you dream of building your own home in the picturesque countryside?

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Navigating Planning Policies

When it comes to development in the countryside, Local Planning Authorities typically have restrictive policies outlined in their Development Plans. These policies, quite understandably and rightly, aim to support agriculture, promote sustainable rural development, and provide recreational spaces in the countryside. However, when it comes to new homes in the countryside, the policies primarily focus on identified local needs and affordable housing. The policies very rarely address innovative and exceptional design.

Understanding Paragraph 80

In addition to local level policies, Paragraph 80 of the National Planning Policy Framework provides guidance/exceptions for the general assumption against new homes in the countryside, particularly in isolated locations. To qualify under Paragraph 80, your proposed development (subject to satisfying other relevant local policy requirements) must meet at least one of the following criteria:

a) Essential need for a rural worker to live near their workplace.

b) Optimal use of a heritage asset or enabling development to secure the future of heritage assets.

c) Reuse of redundant or disused buildings and enhancing their setting

d) Subdivision of an existing residential building, or

e) Exceptional design quality that is truly outstanding, reflecting the highest of architectural standards and significantly enhancing its immediate setting.

Beyond Design: Exploring Alternative Options

When it comes to Paragraph 80 dwellings, much attention is given to exceptional design (part e). These homes are the type that are seen on Grand Designs. These types of homes are inspirational, however, there are other avenues to consider. For example, part c of Paragraph 80 offers an opportunity to re-purpose redundant or disused buildings, aligning with the current focus on climate change and the whole life carbon vision. By creatively reusing rural structures, many of which contribute to the cultural heritage of the area, reflecting the various ages of the agriculture and forestry industry, we can contribute to sustainable housing solutions while preserving the charm of the countryside.

Designing for Exceptional Quality

Design, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, but what truly makes a design exceptional? When embarking on a Paragraph 80 (e) dwelling project, aim for a design that is bold and highly sustainable. Your vision should surpass industry norms and conventions, and not merely satisfy planning policies and design guides. Instead, you should seek to exceed these policy requirements by a significant margin.

An Alternative Path to Your Dream Home

It’s important to note that owning a property in the countryside doesn’t necessarily require vast funds for a grand design from scratch. With the current housing crisis and an abundance of disused buildings, re-purposing these structures offers a realistic and sustainable approach to creating new homes in rural areas. By embracing innovative design solutions, you can transform these buildings into comfortable and stylish residences, which don’t just blend in, but become a feature of the surrounding landscape and create a new story for the future

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Building your dream home in the UK countryside is an exciting prospect, albeit it can be daunting, however, Paragraph 80 dwellings offer a path to make it a reality. By understanding the criteria outlined in Paragraph 80, you can navigate the planning process with more confidence. Whether you choose to focus on exceptional design, re-purpose existing buildings, or combine both approaches, the possibilities are endless. Start envisioning your ideal countryside retreat and embark on a journey to create a truly exceptional dwelling that will satisfy the relevant planning policies and stand the test of time.

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