What is a Planning Consultant?

21st October 2019

It is a common question when meeting someone for the first time ‘So… what do you do?’.

The answer ‘I’m a planning consultant’ can be met with either a blank expression or the subsequent question ‘Do you work for the council?’. When the answer is no, it is closely followed by an only half-joking second question, ‘Do you hand over brown envelopes to get permission?’. For the avoidance of doubt, the image accompanying this article is for illustrative purposes only.

The truth is that we do neither of those things (although we have been known to provide consultancy services for local planning authorities).

We also don’t get directly involved in building regulations matters or highway matters. We just do planning.

What we actually do is to assist clients with navigating the planning system. We seek to protect and add value to your property assets. We can assist with negotiating all other aspects of the planning process alongside that.

We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the maze. We can identify the potential pitfalls and develop and implement the most appropriate strategy to try and achieve your ultimate objectives.

The Planning Portal, which is the Government’s website for planning and building regulations information and the national planning application service, advises that ’employing a consultant will not guarantee you approval, but it will significantly increase your application’s chance of success’. This is what we aim to achieve.

We will always recommend to clients that the sooner we get involved, the better. We can advise whether a development might be acceptable in principle and identify potential risks and opportunities before a purchase is committed to or before any proposals have been drawn up.

You wouldn’t buy a property without a survey of some form. If you are buying that property with a view to developing it, then get an initial appraisal from us so that you don’t get any nasty surprises in respect of planning matters.

Bell Cornwell was originally set up with an aspiration to be the best planning consultants they could be and to look after their clients in the best way they could. We retain that objective today.

Our size gives us the perfect balance of experience and responsiveness matched with a personalised service. To that end, we look forward to continuing to support you.

For more information please contact Partner, Rebekah Jubb on 01256 766673 or info@bell-cornwell.co.uk.

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