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At Bell Cornwell, we must be up to speed with the planning legal framework in which we operate to ensure we are providing the right professional planning advice to our clients. Because of the nature of the work we do, we often work alongside solicitors involved in property matters. We can provide complimentary advice on planning issues, which might include enforcement, lawfulness of uses or development or other advice to assist property transactions.

Solicitors are experts in their field. However, having the advice of a planning consultant working alongside them can be beneficial and can save time and cost for clients. This is where we can work together on behalf of clients to achieve the right outcome in the most effective way.

If there is an issue of planning enforcement action, this can have serious implications. Our involvement may avoid the matter escalating. By taking the right steps at the right time we can maximise the time available to respond and address the breach of planning control alleged by the local planning authority. Bell Cornwell has extensive experience in dealing with enforcement proceedings and can work with you to take effective action and resolve the matter in the best possible way.

We can also assist with regularising unauthorised development or uses, by obtaining either retrospective consent or a Lawful Development Certificate.

When dealing with a property transaction, this can be long and drawn out at the best of times. Delays due to unresolved planning issues or queries will only add to that burden. Early involvement from a planning consultant can smooth that process.

In terms of property transactions, we can help clients maximise the potential, add value to a sale or enable greater certainty for purchases or leases. We can investigate the potential to maximise the value of the property and then work to achieve a sale, lease or purchase that realises that additional value.

If you think there is a potential development opportunity or something in the search that could slow down the process, but you are unsure, then Bell Cornwell can help.

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