Health Spa Complex in North Hampshire

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Planning permission secured for the conversion of an agricultural building into a health spa

Client Private
Architect Cross Harris Architects
Author Mike Cole

Project Overview

Bell Cornwell, alongside Cross Harris Architects and Frank Butler Farms Ltd, has secured planning permission for the partial demolition and conversion of an agricultural building to provide for a day health spa facility.

The site area covers approximately 0.5ha and is situated on a former dairy farm in the open countryside. The site comprises of two agricultural buildings, one is to be converted but the second will be retained and will continue to be used for agricultural purposes.

A particularly challenging aspect of the scheme, once the principle change of use was established, was the traffic generation of the Spa and the adjacent Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT), which share the principal access. With the assistance of RGP Transport Planning Consultants and early engagement with the Local Authority and the County Council, a solution was developed and agreed between all parties. The solution involved revised junction arrangements, additional survey work and a financial contribution towards improvements to the BOAT.

The Spa provides a new lease of life for this barn, supporting economic growth in the area and greater stability for the agricultural unit as a whole. The provision of this facility will attract visitors and have a positive effect on nearby village shops, pubs and other facilities. The proposal converts an existing building, which in its current form adds little value to the natural, built or surrounding historic environment. The development will have a positive impact on the character of the immediate area and provide enhancements to the natural landscape and setting of the barn.


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