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Planning permission secured for Bruce's Doggy Day Care centre in the Hertfordshire Green Belt

Client Bruce’s Doggy Day Care
Architect Savills
Author Kristina Wall
Principal Planner

Project Overview

Bell Cornwell has assisted our client Bruce’s Doggy Day Care in achieving planning permission for a new centre in the Green Belt on the edge of Radlett in Hertfordshire.

When the site was first identified as a good location for serving Radlett and the surrounding area, Bell Cornwell advised on the site constraints and identified that the land was agricultural and within the Green Belt.  We also recognised that the wider farm had diversified over time with a range of businesses operating adjacent to the potential site.

In partnership with the Bruce’s Doggy Day Care team, Bell Cornwell developed a planning strategy which utilised the agricultural silo building that was sitting unused at the edge of the site.  We also liaised with the architects, Savills, to ensure that a design was developed to preserve the character and appearance of the countryside and its historic agricultural use.

We pulled together a team of specialists including noise and highways consultants, whose reports were submitted alongside our planning statement.  Our statement set out the planning argument for the change of use of the silo from agricultural to a dog day care centre, as well as the construction of parking, access and the erection of fencing.  Key to the success of our submission was the Green Belt argument for the proposal in our planning statement.

During the course of the application being assessed, the Council were concerned about noise due to the potential barking of dogs.  A successful site visit to an existing, established Bruce’s Doggy Day Care Centre was had with the Environmental Health Officer and Case Officer to alleviate any concerns the officers had in relation to noise in particular.  It also helped to demonstrate how the centre would achieve significant green space for the exercise and enjoyment of the dogs.

The Council were satisfied with the planning argument we set out for reusing the existing silo building and changing the use of the land being considered as appropriate development within the Green Belt. Furthermore, they were content that the changes would ensure the purposes of the Green Belt were not conflicted with and that the openness of the Green Belt would be preserved.  There was therefore no need to demonstrate very special circumstances.  The application was considered at committee and was approved in line with the Officer’s recommendation to approve.

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