Planning Permission Granted for a Replacement House in Chelsea Conservation Area

Local Authority

Kensington and Chelsea


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Decoration Decoration

Planning secured for demolition and redevelopment of new property after previous applicants were unsuccessful

Client Private
Architect Thompson & Baroni
Author Alex Yearsley
Principal Planner

Project Overview

Bell Cornwell has helped to obtain planning permission for a replacement house in Chelsea.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea granted alternative planning applications for the demolition of the existing unlisted 2-storey cottage and its replacement by a new 2-storey house with basement, or the reconstruction and extension of the existing building including a new basement.

The full planning applications were approved by RBKC’s  Planning Committee despite objections from local residents, but the proposals were supported by RBKC’s planning officers following lengthy discussions over alternative schemes in pre-application meetings.

Previous applications had been refused on this site, but these approvals show the value of continuing negotiations with local planning authority officers to overcome their concerns rather than rushing off to appeal where the outcome would have been less certain.


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