New Family Dwelling in Nately Scures, near Basingstoke

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Permission secured for the construction of a new 5 bedroom dwelling in the countryside near Basingstoke

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Author Jonathan Jarman

Project Overview

Planning permission was awarded for the construction of a new detached, five-bedroom house on land considered to be countryside for the purposes of the planning assessment. Whilst an earlier application had been refused and a subsequent appeal dismissed, Bell Cornwell were able to demonstrate that the reasons for refusal had been overcome. This was assisted by the Council not being able to demonstrate a five year housing land supply, triggering a tilted balance in favour of approving sustainable development.

The site, although not previously developed, is positioned in a gap between other residential properties but also backs on to protected woodland. It was therefore necessary to provide a suitable buffer to the woodland and also to demonstrate that the proposal would not unduly impact on biodiversity, trees or highway safety. Supported by other specialist consultants, it could be established that the proposal was acceptable in all respects and it was recommended for approval by the Case Officer.

The application was nevertheless called in for a decision by the Planning Committee. Due to Covid 19, this did result in some anxious waiting for our client who went on to speak at the Council’s first ‘virtual committee’. The application was supported by all the Councillors, with one abstention, and planning permission was approved.

If you have any queries about this project or would like to know more about how Bell Cornwell could help you acquire planning permission for your development, please get in touch.

We are very pleased with the work you completed for us, going above and beyond in what was clearly a difficult application.

Mark Livingstone


Nately Scures – Hampshire

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