Bell Cornwell Delivers Planning Permission for a New Hotel in Central London

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Unlocking Value Through Innovative Reuse

Author Martin Moss

Project Overview

The challenge: The owner of a longstanding restaurant in King’s Cross identified the ancillary space within the upper floors above the restaurant was no longer required.  However, the constrained layout and lack of separate access made viable alternative use a challenge.

Bell Cornwell Delivers Planning Permission for a New Hotel in Central London

Our strategy: Martin Moss from Bell Cornwell advised on comprehensively replanning the layout of the building (with the relocation of the restaurant kitchen into the basement) to “free up” the upper floors and provide new separate access to the upper floors from the street level –  facilitating a change of use of the upper floors to a provide (Class C1) 9-room budget hotel.

The outcome: We handled all aspects of this project – devising the strategy, liaising with the client and architect, and preparing the supporting planning statement and the operational management plan for the hotel. We secured full planning permission from Camden Council with only standard conditions, unlocking significant value for the client through innovative reuse of their existing building.

Key results:

  • Change of use achieved to secure hotel accommodation.
  • New street entrance and shopfront.
  • Planning permission is granted with only standard conditions.
  • The major value is generated by bringing surplus space into viable active use.

Our targeted planning advice unlocked substantial extra revenue through the efficient reuse of the building.

Delivering this positive result for our long-term client demonstrates Bell Cornwell’s in-depth expertise in creating value through strategic development planning.

If you have a property that is not being effectively and efficiently used, we can devise innovative solutions to transform “dead space” into revenue-generating assets. We take a comprehensive approach – advising on layout changes, uses, access, and operational factors to create a cohesive plan tailored to your goals.

With Bell Cornwell as your planning partner, you can unlock hidden value and maximize financial returns from your existing properties. Our knowledge of policies and proven track record navigating the system ensures the highest chance of securing planning permission.





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